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Release Blitz and Review of A Taste of Mr. Davenport


Rating: 4.5

Thank God this book came to me at the right time that it did. I was in such a book funk/rut that I seriously wanted to pull my hair out! Sexy, a bit taboo, fun, quick read. Would I have expected anything less or different from Ms. Ingro? I think NOT!

"A Taste of Mr. Davenport" by Jessica Ingro introduces you to Claire. She is a college student about to start her final semester. But before that, she is hanging at her friend, Elise’s, home for the summer. Off from college for the time being…she is waiting..and hoping to get a glimpse of Mr. Davenport. See, Mr. Davenport is this fine ass specimen of a man that just makes her girly bits all tingly and warm inside. Tall, muscles, great shape, late 30s. Who wouldn’t want him? The only thing…Carter Davenport happens to be the father of her best friend Elise. So, you would think that means he is off limits, right? Ha! Not in Claire’s eyes. She wants her man and she will go above and beyond to get him. Now, do you think Mr. Davenport is oblivious to Claire’s advances? Not in the least! He sees Claire. He has seen how much she has changed from the mousy, timid girl to this sexy, confident woman before him. Lord have mercy pray for them and us cause this gets all kinds of sexy-crazy and I just love it!
Like I said in the beginning, this book was just near perfect for me. You don’t have any flawed alpha hero or broken-down female. What you get are two horny ass people who know, in the world’s eyes, what they are doing is just so wrong on so many levels, but being the fact they are ADULTS. They just don’t give a damn! That’s what I loved about this two. I did feel however that she fell in love too quickly with Carter, but given the fact that 1) it’s a novella and 2) that’s what females do, when we ‘do the do’ with a guy we are head over heels with. Tis life. I just felt bad because I knew shit was going to hit the fan and believe me it did. 
That being said I loved the craziness that I find only Jessica Ingro can deliver with ease. The Epilogue and just the whole damn book kept me wanting more, more, more. Carter and Claire were great together. I would love to see what their future entailed and if they stuck it out together. Maybe another novella Ms. Ingro? 
Great fun! Out of a 5 I’m giving this 4.5. Great addition to the Forbidden Fruit Anthology Vol. 2 compilation. 

I was given a gifted copy of A Taste of Mr. Davenport from the author in exchange for a honest review.

I gave this book a four (but it’s more like a 3.5)because there is no denying Mrs. Ashley is a very good writer. But once again this story feels repeated to me. The same Alpha actions and language. The same submissive female letting the guy take over every aspect of her life, including giving him leeway to be a jerk and not calling him on it (that part really annoys the shit outta me). Everything down to the periods and commas : Same ole same ole. Aside from her dream man series and Creed this has been the case for me. That said this book would be a good intro to her books for a KA first time reader. Sadly for me when it comes to any other of her new books the ship has sailed. - Juli

Pretty book covers



Last Light by M. Pierce *TEASER*

Night Owl Trilogy (Book 2)
Release Date: Fall 2014

I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. I’m ready for you Matt Sky!

Pretty lil gems.